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What on earth is a hollygurl?

hollygurl was a nickname assigned to me in my early days as a multimedia designer in the male-dominated 'tech' industry. The joke then was, if I did something wrong, I could laugh and explain that I was "just a gurl," and get away with it.

I am told there was a Saturday Night Live skit in which a dumb-blonde type exclaims, "I'm just a gurl!" when she can't figure something out. When approached by a guy, she asks, "I'm just a gurl. Could you, like, buy me stuff?" as she tosses her hair and flutters her lashes.

To the people who know me, though, it's pretty clear that I am anything but a dumb gurl. . . I've come a long way since I was first presented with a tangle of wires and cords and told to figure out how to hook-up a system to the network by myself.

hollygurl.com has now morphed into hollyrawson.com, as I feel I've grown-up from the bubbly naivete of my early dot-com years.

The website is now a place for me to share a body of work and describe the projects I've participated in over the past dozen years or so. Gulp!

I think it might be far worse to be called 'ma'am' than it ever was being called a gurl...