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High School Career

sketch of imagined prom dress

In my freshman year, I decided to become a Fashion Designer; I later decided instead to go into marine science because I liked the ocean . I filled many notebooks with fashion sketches, and made my own gowns.

I served as staff and then Editor of the literary magazines, and made up dozens of annoying announcements for the magazine and read them loudly over the intercom in the mornings.

watercolor picture of paint boxwatercolor of paint brush

Over Spring Break of my senior year I taught myself PageMaker and single-handedly created the layout for the entire magazine (it won best in state that year).

Overall, I spent a great deal of time in the darkroom developing photos, and amused myself with sketching and watercolor painting.

photo of bridge in dell

Looking back, I should have been able to forsee my design destiny, but was too busy being studious and creatively literary. I was voted "Most Intellectual" in the Senior Class.