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Motorola Store-in-Store

motorola wireless phones and accessory store, holly rawson

The Motorola Store-in-Store project launched a unique OEM (original equipment manufacturer) buying experience for wireless phones and accessories into a larger, existing online sales channel. The store was uniquely flexible, allowing for 'skinning' based on the parent partner.

I created the interface and structure for all areas of the store front, in addition to redlines and spec guidelines for the programming team.

I selected external vendors for implementation and served as Project Manager through launch; I continued to manage the project internally through several additional phases, and also provided training and documentation of functionality for business owners.

You can read more about this project online at Internet Ad Sales.

"We are driving the future of seamless mobility with our extensive product line across the home, the car, the office or wherever you may be," said Jason Few, Vice President, Motorola, Inc. Retail Strategy. "By launching the Motorola online 'store-in-store' concept, we are bringing those products and services to more people across the country, making it easier for them to find and buy Motorola's 'must have' innovations."