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Hershey Gifts

hershey foods international comps, holly rawson

Working as a Sr. Design Consultant with a technology firm, I served as Lead Designer for the Hershey Gifts ecommerce site for Hershey Foods International.

My work on the project included pre-sales presentations, development of site navigation and information architecture, design of site graphics and templates, and coordination of implementation with ASP/Site Server developers.

"Hershey Direct chose USi as its ASP. . .based on USi's experience in building online catalogs, as well as its ability to offer an end-to-end solution. At the time, Hershey Direct needed to revamp its Web site from just an order-taking site to a marketing tool as well."

Read more on the success of this project in this article from Software Magazine. Or click here for the Microsoft Hershey Case Study

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