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As Director of Web Product Development for FastTrends.com, I led the development of the enterprise database and membership application that would serve as the foundation for the company's suite of licensing products.

FastTrends.com was the vision of two leading professionals in the licensing industry. They set out to create a company where personally delivered customer services would form the backbone for an industry leading array of easy-to-use, customizable, online tools developed to help members expand their own segment of the licensing industry. Although the vision never became a reality, FastTrends.com served—however briefly—as a business-to-business e-commerce partner to a unique licensing community.

I personally managed relations with outside IT firms and consultants, and evaluated more than eight vendors leading to the final selection of developers for a project costing roughly half a million dollars. During my industry research, I lead the discovery of technical requirements and performed a thorough business process analysis, preparing the documentation of both.

My responsibilities also included system administration, software evaluation, and assistance in hiring, training, and managing additional members of the development team.

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